What: Hat Camp 2013
When: Thursday-Sunday September 26-29
Where: Camp Burton, Vashon Island/Seattle WA

Dear Milliners, Felters, Theatrical Milliners, Millinery Students

Hat Camp 2013 is scheduled for 4 days – Thursday-Sunday, September 26-29 at Camp Burton, Vashon Island, Seattle, Washington. Camp Burton is a lovely retreat center located on Puget Sound just a short ferry ride from West Seattle. www.campburton.com

At present we have 95 people who plan to attend.

We are working on a great program which will be a mixture of technique demonstrations, topic discussions, recap of millinery events and industry developments during the year and more. A swap meet was suggested so be thinking of supplies, materials hats that you might like to trade away for other precious things or give away to a new home. If these things are too cumbersome to bring consider photos and ship to each other after you return home. Many of you have emailed ideas and interest in topics , demo or mini workshops and we will work as many of these into the program as possible. If you have additional requests please let us know.

We have received a questions from people who will be flying into Seattle about what time Hat Camp will start on Thursday. Our plan is to start Hat Camp by 10:30 on Thursday so it would be best for people from out of town to arrive on Wednesday. Camp Burton will not have accommodations available on Wednesday evening as they have a retreat ending Wednesday afternoon and will not be ready for us until Thursday morning. Maybe those people arriving on Wednesday can organize a group rate at an affordable downtown hotel and have a night on the town before Hat Camp or look into Bed and Breakfast near Camp Burton. Anyone willing to head up this task?

Registration and Camp Burton Accommodation/Meals:
Total expenses for housing and meals (from lunch on Thursday to brunch on Sunday) will be between $235 and $325 per person. Variation depends on accommodations. Please send a deposit check or money order for $135.00 (includes $35.00 registration fee) made out to Wayne Wichern to 2115 Harding Avenue, Redwood City, CA 94062.

Please note: Camp Burton has a no alcohol/no drug policy. Please respect this request.

Housing Coordinator – We need a volunteer to coordinate housing. Anyone willing and interested? As soon as we have a housing coordinator we can organize your accommodations and let you know your camp balance which will be due in early September.

Vashon Transportation – Ferry – Van – Personal Car
Here are some basics for transportation and we will get more details as we go along.
There is a Metro express bus from the airport to the Vashon Ferry for about $2.00
Camp Burton is about 20 minutes away by car from the Vashon Ferry.
The Vashon Ferry is a drive on ferry so you are welcome to bring your personal or rental car.
We are looking into arranging a hired van service to provide transportation from the Vashon Ferry to Camp Burton on Thursday morning and back on Sunday afternoon.
There is a taxi service but it is considered rather expensive.

Any Seattle or Vashon locals who have additional ideas or information please let Wayne know and we will add it to the general information.

Best wishes for the new year and we look forward to seeing you at Camp Burton this fall.